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The Irish Locksmith Organisation is a trade association which provides a range of services and support to its members, and is funded by its members. It prides itself in the active involvement of its members to promote and develop the skill of locksmithing through co-operation, mutual education and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. While also providing both continuous and updated training from invited industry experts.

The ILO plays a further role by representing the interests of our locksmith members in dealing with suppliers and co-operating with government bodies and the Private Security Authority. Over the years, the role of the ILO has continued to evolve. Now, more than ever, the organisation is defined by the needs of our members, the industry and the wider public, with regards to efforts to improve safety and security. The ILO aims to unify trade, industry, education, and legislation.

We have members throughout Ireland and aim to ensure that each member possesses the skills and knowledge to provide a competent and professional level of
service to the public. Our Members are able to assist you, and offer advice with locks and keys for your home, business, safes and vehicles.  All ILO members are experienced, licenced locksmiths who adhere to standards and regulations and they will provide you with photo I.D. if requested.

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